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Natural Shaligram

It is the most sacred stone worshiped by the Vaishnavas. It is always naturally found only in the river Gandaki (which is a Himalayan stream, celebrated since history as Narayani, Saligrami and Hiranyavati) in Nepal. These also include the famous Kali-Gandaki river, the lower Gandaki which is well known as Mukti Natha Kshetra or Shaligrama Kshetra. Damodar Himal, lake at the source of the Kali Gandaki is known as Damodar Kunda and Devghat etc. The sacred stones are largely found on the banks of Kali Gandaki. Historically, the use and worship of Shaligram can be traced to the time of Adi Shankaracharya and finds mention in his works. His commentary suggests that the use of Shaligram in the worship of Vishnu has been a well-known Hindu practice.

No “Pran Pratishta” ritual is required for Shaligram just as we do for the other idols. All the 18 Puranas, under different contexts, proclaim the value of Shaligram pooja as Vishnu pooja. The size recommended for the puja in the house is the smaller ones, which can be accommodated in a closed fist. Big size Shaligrams are to be kept in the Temples/Mutts etc.

Mostly Shaligram are black stone, which are found in the Gandaki River only. Sometimes we find reddish black, blue black or yellowish color Shaligram which are considered to be very rare. Reddish colour Shaligram is not worshiped in houses because it is said to raise tension and anxiety.

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Product Details:
Packaging TypeBox

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Devi (Goddess) Shaligram.


  • The first Mahavidya is Kali
  • It is the provider of bliss, peace, and happiness, it is also worshipped for extreme protection against the occult

  • Lakshmi is the goddess of fortune and wealth
  • The devotee bestows with good health, wealth and worldly comforts

Sarvottam Lakshmi Shesha:
  • These are very useful for the people having Kaal Sarpa Dosha and worshipping this removes all hurdles, makes life very peaceful and full of happiness

  • Mahashakti is the combined form of all shakti goddesses
  • Worshiper of this divine mother shaligram helps the aspirant to rise above his own lower tendencies and animal instincts, to purify him and ultimately to realize the divine power within himself

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Approx. 2,100 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Size3.5 x 2.75 Inch Approx
Purity99 %

In this category all the shaligrams pertains to Lord Krishna. This is most worshipped shila in temples. This includes, Damodar, Shri Gopal, Govindam, Keshava, Radha Krishna and Santan Gopal etc.

The students can gain immensely by worship of this Shila as it tremendously increases the memory retention power and concentration. The worshipper’s desires are fulfilled and besides getting worldly comforts he helps the society to improve by carrying austerities and philanthropic activities. The worshipper always remains attached to his near and dear ones. A son becomes very obedient if this Shila is kept in the house and children progress in their lives by following the right track. It helps in removing bad habits of entire family and the worshipper transforms into a spiritual being. He achieves success much more easily and gives the devotee a responsibility to look after the other family members with great care and to their utmost satisfaction.

Shri Gopal:
This is a very auspicious Shaligram and is very readily available. It is a round shaped Shila without any other marking on it. The worshipper of this Shila improves his wisdom and decision making capabilities. It is very good for the students as it increases the concentration and retention capabilities of the brain. The Shila should be round and at least two in number on the Altar. This Shila is very commonly available but if worshipped can give miraculous result in research and development, inventions and discoveries.

This is a very auspicious Shaligram and is readily available. It is a round shaped Shila with a small round white marking on it. The worshipper of this Shila gets immense wisdom, good virtues, courage and success in all his endeavors. The worshipper is able to take very good decisions in business and family life and can bring immense peace and prosperity in his life. The worshipper can improve tremendously the relationship with in the family members and unite them.

Santana Gopal:
Santana Gopal is that form of Lord Krishna when Krishna was extremely small and was growing in the womb of his mother Devaki. The Shila has a basic shape of a little infant inside the womb of the mother. The shila may also have a marking of Hayagriva at the center. The Santana Gopal Shaligram blesses the devotee with virtuous children. The devotee remains attached to the Lord and does philanthropic activities and observes austerity throughout his life.

Radha Krishna:
Radha Krishna is a sign of ultimate love, respect and affection. Worshipping this Shila brings immense harmony, good luck, peace, prosperity and tranquility in the lives of the devotees. It also helps in getting right eternal partner who further moulds the life to take the devotee into total devotion and doing work for promoting 'Vaishnava' religion. This Shaligrama brings immense improvement in decision making ability of the devotees. He develops great intuition, wisdom and does philanthropic works and austerities for the upliftment of the society. By worshipping this Shaligram the devotees attain 'Moksha' or ‘salvation’.

Keshava as described by Lord Krishna means "One who has long hair". This Shila may also be ‘Shankha’ shaped which grants worldly comforts to the devotee. The Keshava Shaligram bestows the devotee with immense wisdom and charisma. He radiates light and energy and everyone in the society is bound to be benefitted by the worshipper.

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Approx. 2,100 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Purity (%)99
Capacity3.5 x 2.75 Inch Approx
Primary materialStone

We are the supplier of the Vishnu Shaligram to our clients.

  • Ananta also means "endless" and, therefore, the Endless Self, which means the Paramatman, the Supreme Self
  • Ananta is that form of Vishnu where he is resting on Shesha and Goddess Lakshmi is sitting on his Lotus feet

Kalpataru Mahavishnu:
  • According to Hindu mythology, the Kalpataru ('Kalpvriksha') is a tree that was one of the 14 gems that came out of the depths of the sea after the Samudra Manthan
  • The worshipper gets eternal peace and gets rid of fear of ghosts, snakes and evil spirits

Laxmi Narayan - Together:
Laxmi Narayan - Chakradhari:
Laxmi Narayan - Separate:
Laxmi Narayan - Avtar:
  • Laxmi Narayan is one of the rarest Shaligrams
  • One who worships this Shaligram gets immense wealth and very good health
  • Peace prevails at his house and at his workplace
  • It gives immense protection to the worshipper and gives all worldly comforts

Lakshmi Vishnu Chakra:
  • Lakshmi Vishnu Chakra Shaligram is a combination of the Lakshmi Vishnu and Sudarshan Shaligrams with the corresponding markings
  • It is one of the rarest Shaligrams, worshipper gets immense wealth and good health, it also bestows with peace.
  • It protects the worshipper and gives all worldly comforts
  • It is helpful for business activites, the competitors of the worshipper cannot stand against him

  • The Vishnu is defined as Veveshti Vyaapnoti iti Vishnuh
  • That which pervades everywhere is Vishnu
  • One who sees the Mahavishnu Shaligram gets eternal peace
  • The worshipper gets rid of fear of ghosts, snakes and evil spirits


  • It protects from occult activities.
  • This bestows the devotee with utmost divinity, prime tolerance, perseverance and charisma.
  • It increases good Karmas and worshipper can attain Moksha.

  • Devotee of this shaligram gets tremendous success in business and service It removes all obstacles of devotee from the core and reaps wealth and gold in all his endeavors and gets immense protection or occult activities.
  • All his wishes are fulfilled.

  • It is rarest shaligram. This has presence of Lord Vishnu and Brahma.
  • The devotee is blessed with immense fortune and extreme protection.
  • Brahma gives the devotee wit and intelligence.
  • Devotee is blessed with assets, creation of wealth through innovation, national and international fame, honesty, tremendous success and professionalism.

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    Approx. 2,100 / Piece Get Latest Price

    Product Details:
    TypeGod Shaligram
    Purity99 %

    We are one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of Shaligrams.


    • The worship of Dhanavantri Shaligram bestows with good health

    • Garuda is a bird deity, with the head and wings of an eagle and rest of the body like of a man, is called the king of birds and he is the carrier of Lord Vishnu
    • The worshipper is blessed with immense success in his life, all obstacles are removed and it helps in legal cases It is also very useful in Kaal Sarp Dosh also

    • This Shila helps the devotee to increase his strength, makes him invincible and provides him enormous stability

    • It is a symbol of combined incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva (Harihar)
    • It bestows devotee with Moksha

    Kalpataru Aniruddha
    • Kalpataru is a tree that came out after the Samudra Manthan
    • The Worshipper gets a good partner in the form of a husband/wife and obedient children and peace prevails in the family

    • This has perfect impressions of the ‘Surbhi’ - sitting cow, ready to bless the devotee by fulfilling all his wishes

    Kund Shila
    • Kund Shila represents the 'accumulation' of good Karmas and deeds
    • The Kund Shila is generally not easily available
    • Kund Shila provides protection to the worshipper and blesses him with all the worldly comforts

    • Mansarovar is a creation of Lord Brahma
    • This Shila removes Vaastu doshas and provides peaceful environment at the beholder’s place
    • It removes all negativities and protects from occult

    • Shivaling represents Sivah -The One who is Eternally Pure
    • This Shaligram is the symbol of auspiciousness
    • The worshipper of this shaligram gains health and peace

    Hrishikesha (Chandra Shila):
    • It controls the temper of worshipper.
    • This helps the worshipper to remove obstacles on his way.
    • It increases the capacity to derive pleasures and take the life to tranquilityand helps to attain moksha.

    Sita Ram:
    • Develop a very good and healthy relationship with in family members and relatives.
    • Protective in nature and bestows the devotee with all the worldly comforts.
    • Removes all negativity from the environment of the devotee and brings positive energies to him.
    • Help to earns respect, dignity and fame in the society and always remains in a peaceful environment.

    Surya Narayana:
    • Worshipper gets the quality of the sun - to rule and to move continuously with brilliant radiance and strength.
    • Provides happiness, popularity and material gains and also enlightens the super consciousness.
    • It removes worry, suspicion, guilt, fear and all kinds of physical and mental illness.

    Ugra Narasimha:
    • This has sharp teeth like figures in the opening, therefore, it is named as Ugra (means ferocious) Narasimha.
    • One who worships gets immense protection from his enemies and opponents.
    • No any type of occult works on him.
    • He becomes fearless and gets success in all his endeavors. He can take on any challenge and emerge out to be a winner.

    Some Other Shaligrams:

    • Gauri Shankar
    • Kapil Shila
    • Muktinath
    • Narayan Murti
    • Patal Narshimha
    • Shesha
    • Sudarshana shila
    • Tirupati Balaji Tilak

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    Product Details:
    ShapeRound, Oval

    This product category is designed with the depiction of all the avatars of lord Vishnu like Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Parshuram, Ram, Balram, Krishna, Hyagreeva & Kalki.

    • Matsya (Fish) is the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu
    • In this form Lord Vishnu saved the Saint Vaivasvata
    • Worshipping this auspicious Shaligram takes the devotee towards salvation and Matsya Shila also brings immense wealth and worldly comforts

    • Kurma is the second incarnation of Lord Vishnu
    • The worshipper of this Shaligram gets immense perseverance, strong will power, patience, wealth and happiness in his life
    • He gets support of one and all, in accomplishing his works successfully
    • The Kurma Shaligram also works as a shield against all evil forces and gives immense protection to the worshipper

    • The shape of the Shilla looks like a Boar or Varaha Dev
    • As Varaha Dev is an incarnation of Lord vishnu, therefore, the benefits of having or worshipping this shaligram is same as that of Vishnu Shaligram

    • It has a big hole opening looking like Narsimha face - “The Terrible”
    • One who worships Narsimha Shaligram gets immense protection from his enemies
    • The opponents and the enemies of the worshipper vanish

    • Out of the ten great incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the fifth one is referred to as Vamana, and its name indicates One who has a small body
    • He worshipper of this Shaligram is very successful in business pertaining to land, reality, gold, metal, diamonds and precious gems

    • Parshuram is the Sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
    • The worshipper of this Shaligram gets immense courage and a strong will to fight against all odds and he emerges out to be a winner ultimately

    • Ram killed the demon Ravana, who abducted Sita, and thereby liberated the earth from the miseries
    • By worshipping Rama Shaligrama the worshipper gets immense wisdom, virtues, courage and success in all his endeavors


    • This Shaligarm has qualities of both Krishna and Balram.
    • This provides great strength and courage to fight against all odds.
    • The worshipper is able to take very good decisions in business and family life and brings immense peace and prosperity in his life.


    • The beholder will earn a great name and fame in his circle and will be loved by all
    • The worshipper develops an aura that will attract all the persons around him
    • He becomes charismatic and gets success in all his endeavors

    • Hyagreeva is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu
    • He is depicted as a human being with a horse's head, and represents knowledge and wisdom

    Lord Kalki is considered to be the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu which is yet to come in the Kalyuga.
    • The worshipper of Kalki Shaligram can foresee future things happening.
    • This is very good for lawyers, police personnel and government officials and persons involved in speculative business.
    • The worshipper makes things happen in his favour and gets a very high position and status in the society. He gets immense fame, name and is respected in the society and improves analytical qualities.

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